Sunday, June 3, 2007

First Post

This is something old and new. I have been reworking some of my older ideas.
I hope that you like it.


boob said...

I can't pass up the opportunity to have the first comment ever on your blog Sieka. Welcome!

I haven't seen too much of your 2D work so I hope this blog turns into a bulletin board of sorts for you: 2D, 3D, even pictures of code!

So where did this buxom blong come from anyway? A Vana White type I'd guess.

boob said...

...forgot -

Nice "single stroke" lashes. A smooth wavy line can represent lashes real well. ...or a mustache on a French waiter.

Mr. Fenix said...

Nice work, man! She has that Jessica Rabbit feel to her. Great line work. Build her in 3D!